VOLUNTEERS are striving to make Bradford a “better place to live in” by litter-picking and cleaning up the streets.

Bradford4Better volunteers are aiming to boost community spirit and are encouraging local people to “take pride” in where they live.

Core member Aziz Khan said: “Through social media, Bradford4Better has created neighbourhood action groups in over 16 areas, empowering volunteers to organise and maintain the areas they live in.

“We ask that residents find a sense of pride and duty to look after their home, street and area.

“Cleanliness is a part of humanity, and for most, considered a main principle. It is therefore shameful for us to see so many areas disregarded and unkempt.

“On the bright side, it is heart-warming to see volunteers litter-picking. They have managed to transform their areas in a few months.”

Core member Shahid Islam added: “People want their neighbourhoods to be clean, green and free from crime, so Bradford4Better has been able to channel that goodwill and community spirit into something that can help us achieve that.

“We love this city, this is our home. We have pulled together volunteers from across the city who want the best for their home, and have found ways for that to happen.”