PROPOSALS to plant a tree for every child in Bradford will get a huge boost tis month, with planting taking place in 20 schools.
Fruit Works Co-operative, one of Bradford Council’s partner organisations in the Tree for Every Child project will be helping pupils, staff and volunteers to plant 140 fruit trees and 140 soft fruit bushes, over the next few months, at 20 school sites across the district. 
Fruit Works is engaging with 650 school children through this project, who are now all more aware of climate action and, along with future pupils at their schools, will enjoy the benefits of having fruit trees and bushes on their school grounds
This is the start of several planting sessions being carried out this year by the council and its TfEC partners, which include Trees for Cities, Forest of Bradford (BEAT), Bradford Environmental Education Service, Yorgreen CIC, Town and Parish Councils.
The Tree for Every Child project, launched in November 2020, aims to plant 55,000 trees – the equivalent of one tree per primary school child – over a two year period.
The Council has invested £250,000 into the programme and invited schools and community groups to express an interest in taking part. The programme is being supported by Trees for Cities which is funded by The Dulverton Trust, The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund and The Arbor Day Foundation. As well as The players of the Postcode Lottery. 
So far over 40 schools have signed up to take part in the project and have native trees, fruit trees and/or hedges planted on their sites.
Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Portfolio Holder for Healthy People and Places, said: “The Tree for Every Child project is really gaining momentum in 2022 with lots of planting activity over the coming months. We are delighted that schools, nurseries and community groups have really got on board with it.”
Increased tree planting is one of Bradford Council’s climate actions. Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store the carbon in wood.  In woodlands the carbon builds up and is locked away in the soil.