A GRANDMOTHER is disgusted that a “bring your own booze” party was held in Downing Street's garden at a time when her daughter was alone hoping her newborn baby girl would pull through following major heart surgery.

May 20, 2020 is a date that has become tainted in the last week as it was revealed the Prime Minister was among senior officials who attended a gathering at a time when people were not allowed to meet their friends or family outside their household.

That day resonates in a different way for Alison Whitaker and daughter Charlotte Taylor - who was told multiple times her little girl would not make it through the night.

On May 10, Charlotte gave birth to Sophia at Airedale Hospital. Unfortunately, a nurse spotted there was something wrong with the baby’s heart.

Sophia was rushed immediately to the intensive care unit over at Leeds General Infirmary where her family was told she wouldn’t survive.

“She had to have major heart surgery, a 12 hour operation,” Alison said.

“We were told that she wouldn’t survive. They let us grandparents say hello and bye.

“They had her christening which must have been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

Thankfully, following the operation, she pulled through. However, it is an experience that will live with the Cullingworth-based family forever especially given the restrictions they were forced to abide by.

Alison added: “We were told on two more occasions that she wouldn’t make it. All this time my poor daughter was in there on her own.

“The Sick Children’s Trust gave her and her husband (Russ Taylor) a one-room apartment but he was only allowed to stay there and not go to the hospital.

"He was isolating there so Charlotte could go back to him on the night which she needed to or else she would have completely been on her own.

"Imagine not being able to see your baby. You don’t realise something like this is happening until it happens to you.

“He only went in twice and that was after they told Charlotte that she (Sophia) wouldn’t make the night. It was just hell."

Alison was forced to isolate at Charlotte and Russ’ house for three months to care for their four-year-old son Joshua.

It meant Charlotte could come home the odd night and see him before heading straight back to hospital.

"That was the only way she could come home was if I isolated with Joshua.

"She was leaving a crying little boy when she went back. She felt guilty leaving Joshua but knew she had to be with Sophia.

"I have four children and I couldn’t see them. I wouldn't even let them come in the garden at that time."

Sophia is currently 19 months old and doing well. Although she does have DiGeorge syndrome so still has to visit the hospital on occasions and will have more heart surgery in the future.

This past week has been a stark reminder of that testing period for the family.

“It just doesn’t bare thinking about, I am so mad.

“We don’t blame the hospital they were amazing, they did everything they possibly could. I am just so annoyed when I see they (the government) were partying.”