BRADFORD can look forward to a mixture of cold but dry conditions this weekend.

Here is a guide to this weekend’s weather in Bradford, starting with today, according to the Met Office.


Today will be sunny with temperatures set to reach a high of 7C.

The evening will also be dry but mist and fog will reach Bradford by 8pm, as temperatures dip to 2C overnight.


Tomorrow will be the coldest day of the weekend.

After a very cold start, as temperatures remain at freezing at 9am, but then it will only warm up slightly, reaching a high of 4C.

The sunshine will be the compensation for the cold conditions.

Overnight temperatures will fall to 3C.


The weekend will close with cloudy conditions throughout Sunday.

It will be a milder day than Saturday, as temperatures reach 8C, but unlike the previous day, there will be no sunshine.

No weather warnings are in place for Bradford this weekend, according to the Met Office.