A BRADFORD businesswoman was brushed with success as she was again part of the winning team on a popular TV series.

Shama Amin avoided being fired in the second week as she was on the winning women's team once more of BBC's The Apprentice, shown last night.

She is battling with other candidates for the chance to win an investment from show host Lord Alan Sugar.

On last night's task, both teams had to design an electric toothbrush and app encouraging children aged six to eight to brush their teeth.

The women's team, including Shama, came up with 'Brushing Star'.


First Shama put her name forward to be project manager for the task, saying the mother-of-four also had experience with setting up her nursery business.

But she was outvoted by the other women candidates for the top job by Francesca, who also put her name forward.

Shama also seemed disgruntled when she was picked by Francesca for creating the app, rather than the branding, subteam.

Shama said: "I do strongly believe I would do a better job on the branding team."

Later in the task, Francesca asked Shama to join the consumer research/feedback team, but Shama said: "I was really, really looking forward to doing the pitching today."

In the boardroom, the Bradford businesswoman also made her point clear to Lord Sugar. She said: "I felt like I would have done a real good job working as project manager with my childcare experience."

After successful pitches to a healthcare provider and a high street chemist chain, the women's team were crowned the winners of this week's task.

The women's reward was an afternoon tea in Chelsea.

It continues Shama and the women's team's 100 per cent record after they were judged winners of the opening week's task.


Their 'Bouji Cruises' concept, aimed at cruise breaks for women, was crowned the winner over the men's team.

Shama is the owner of a children's day nursery in Bradford and moved to the area almost 20 years ago.

She gave up her original banking job to look after her children but is now ready to invest in The Little Academy Day Nursery on Manchester Road. The nursery was rated 'Good' by Ofsted in 2018.

Next week Shama and the other 13 remaining candidates will create a non-alcoholic drink.

The third programme will be shown on BBC One on Thursday, January 20 at 9pm.