TWO women were rebuked by a judge after being sentenced for beating each other with baseball bats in a Bradford street in front of a crowd of people, including children.

The women, Kiran Sheikh, 28, of Airedale Avenue, Bingley, and Sheree Atkinson, 30, of Chellow Dene View, Bradford, were sentenced in Bradford Crown Court on Thursday for affray following a fight in the street on Chellow Dene View.

In addition to affray, the women had also been charged with possession an offensive weapon in a public place.

The Crown prosecutor said: "All of the offences arise from an incident which occurred on September 25, 2020, while children were being collected from school.

"The incident was captured entirely on CCTV."

The footage showed an argument in the street and eventually the two women, who had retrieved baseball bats from cars and began hitting each other with them.

"There was a measure of a dispute between the defendants," explained the Crown prosecutor.

"A physical altercation took place in front of a number of members of the public, including children."

The defence counsel for Atkinson said that his client had a "long-standing dispute with the family over a negative relationship".

He added: "She is very ashamed of her behaviour on the day."

Recorder Anthony Hawks said: "This was an incident of affray and the two woman sustained more than minor physical injuries."

When he sentenced Atkinson and Sheikh, the judge issued a very strong rebuke to the two women.

"You're both of previous good character, just not in this case.

"You both have to be dealt with for this disgraceful incident on an estate in full view of people, including children.

"Watching two grown women attacking each other with baseball bats is very distressing," he said. "Why did you even have baseball bats?

"Affray is a serious matter, so I'm sentencing you each to four months in prison, which will be suspended for 12 months."

He also ordered the women to serve 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and ordered them to pay a surcharge.

He then added: "You should put this squalid incident behind you and I want to see you carry out your lawful requests so you don't have to come back before this court and I have to send you back to prison.

"How could an incident like this have occurred between two sensible grown women?"