A COMMUNITY garden created at Silsden Fire Station has proved more successful than the firefighters who helped create it could have hoped.

The garden was created after crews spoke to people during the pandemic who felt isolated due to the limited number of places they could visit.

In the space of a month, firefighters used their free time to create a garden space at the station where people can meet to speak to neighbours or fire crews.

At a meeting of West Yorkshire Fire Authority's Community Safety Committee on Friday morning, the garden will be given as a good example of the work done by Bradford crews in the past year.

A report to members said: "Quite often as people were walking past, they would stop to chat to firefighters outside the station, with some confiding that they are finding it hard being home alone and socially isolated.

"This got us thinking that we could create a relaxing outdoor space for people to come to, where they could chat to others in the community, as well as our firefighters.

"The Community Garden is now a valued space at the heart of Silsden.

"The response has been far better than we could have ever expected. The garden is in daily use and has drawn visitors from near and far.

"The success has been built by firefighters giving their time and effort to be passionate about creating something special for Silsden."

It says there was an increase in public interest in the scheme after it appeared in the local press and on BBC Look North.