David Sexton, relief carer, Craven

Businessman David Sexton found himself with free time during the first wave of the covid pandemic and instinct told him to do something to help the community.

The solution came easily when he clicked a social media link and found himself applying for a role as a relief care worker for North Yorkshire - and the job has been so rewarding he has no intention of giving it up.

David, 49, has a self-catering holiday business and lockdowns meant he had to commit less time to that last year.

He joined a care team which helps people return to an independent lifestyle after illness or accident - and has discovered a second career with a different set of rewards to running a business.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: "It was an opportunity to do my bit" David Sexton"It was an opportunity to do my bit" David Sexton

“I came in because of Covid, it was an opportunity to do my bit,” he said.

“I am self-employed with a self-catering holiday business and because of Covid I had more spare time.

“At that time things were chaotic and it was suggested more people were needed. I clicked a link, everything was fast-tracked and it went from there,” he said.

The care provided by his team is “completely invaluable”, he said, “no shift or visit is ever quite the same”.

Tasks can vary from assisting with walking aids to collecting prescriptions and more personal care.

“When you have done whatever it is, and achieved whatever they need, you feel a lot better,” he said.

While David averages a shift or two each week, leaving time for his other commitments, he brings flexibility to the role.

“When I am asked to cover, I try to cover as much as I can. The job is about trying to make people feel better,” he said.

So while it was the national health emergency which persuaded him into the job,  he has no intention now of stepping back from the work.