These are the best-rated primary schools in Bradford district, analysis suggests.

The Government website allows parents to compare all primary schools in the Bradford Council area - helping you make the right choice for your little one.

There are many reasons you might pick a specific primary school - from caring teachers to how close it is to your home.

This data is based on primary schools with an 'outstanding' Ofsted rating and their overall performance at end of key stage 2, as of 2019 data.

This guide is ideal for parents looking at schools' overall performance and - while the pandemic disrupted inspection data for 2020 and 2021 - it may help you decide.

Parents applying for a primary school in the Bradford Council area have until January 15, 2022, to get their child's place.

Best-rated primary schools in the BD postcode

In no particular order, let's take a look at Bradford's best-rated schools. 

Copthorne Primary School - This academy sees 93% of pupils meet the expected Ofsted standard by the end of KS2. It ranks well above average for reading, writing and maths skills with 23% of pupils achieving at a higher standard. Copthorne describes itself as a "happy, safe and supportive learning environment" via the school's website.

Horton Grange Primary School - This academy has super high rankings for reading while writing and maths skills among pupils remain high. 93% of pupils reach the expected Ofsted standard by the end of KS2 with 11% of students performing at a higher standard. Parents can expect an "inspiring curriculum", according to Horton Grange Primary School's website.

Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy - 83% of pupils at this academy reach the expected Ofsted standard by the end of KS2. It has high progress scores for reading, writing and maths. 11% of students here performed at a higher standard, Ofsted data shows. This school aims to nurture children into becoming "successful lifelong learners and leaders".

Fagley Primary School - This maintained school scores well above average for progress scores in reading, writing and maths while students score 76% of pupils met the Ofsted expected standards. 15% at Fagley Primary School perform at a higher than expected standard. This school hopes to encourage "positive mental health and emotional wellbeing" in children.

Farnham Primary School - With 72% of students hitting Ofsted expected standards, this school scores well above average for progress scores in reading and writing while it gets above average ratings for maths. 5% of students at this school reach a higher than expected standard. The school's aims include "Belief in our abilities; Passion for learning; Pride in our work".

When will I find out about my child's school place in Bradford?

If you apply online for a primary school place, emails about which school your child has been offered will be sent out from 8am on April 19, 2021.

All online applicants can also view their child’s school place offer from midnight on April 19 via the online system.

Parents and carers who applied on a paper form or opted not to receive an email will have their child’s allocation letter sent out by Royal Mail as first class post on April 19.