A BRADFORD district town features in a new film starring Olivia Colman.

The Lost Daughter, starring the Oscar-winning actor, may not have been filmed in the district, but there is a connection.

Shipley gets a name check during the new Netflix psychological drama by Colman's character, Leda, who says her family are from the town.

The popular actor stars as literature professor Leda, who is on a solo beach holiday in Greece when she becomes fascinated by a young mother, played by Dakota Johnson.

The film, which has a 15 certificate, addresses feelings of defiance, rage and frustration as it flashes back to Leda’s own previous experiences as a mother and unravels her troubled past.

During one scene in the film, Leda meets and talks to Callie, played by Dagmara Dominczyk, on the beach during the former's holiday. During their conversation, Callie, who is pregnant, asks Leda where she is from.

Leda replies that she lives in Cambridge, near Boston, USA. But Callie replies with; 'where are your people from?'

Leda responds with; 'they're from Leeds, well Shipley, really'.

Callie says 'fancy' and Colman's character Leda replies with something less than complementary about the town; when she says; 'no, it's not fancy'.

Colman is famous for a string of TV and film roles including playing Queen Elizabeth II in last season of Netflix The Crown, Peep Show and ITV's Broadchurch.

She has also won an Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, in The Favourite in 2018. Colman was also nominated for the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in the drama The Father in 2020.

Actor Maggie Gyllenhaal makes her directorial debut with The Lost Daughter, which was released last month, adapting the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante.

The film's cast also includes Ed Harris and Jessie Buckley, who plays a young Leda.

It is another movie connection to Shipley.

The town's former tax office was used as a location for Keira Knightley's 2019 movie Official Secrets.

In the political thriller, Knightley plays whistleblower Katharine Gun, who exposed top-secret information about the run-up to the Iraq war.

In 2003 GCHQ translator Gun leaked a classified email that urged spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through the resolution to go to war.

The film was also shot on location in City Hall in Bradford.

The Lost Daughter is in cinemas now and also available on Netflix.