ONE of Bradford's largest schools has been forced to close due to snow today, with two others also shut due to the weather conditions.

Two of the three schools have announced late starts to allow people to get in, while the other is shut for the full day.

Hanson School, in Swain House Road, has delayed its start to 10am today.

This is to allow staff and students safe passage to the site.

Oldfield Primary School, in Oldfield Lane, Keighley is completely shut.

This is due to snow and ice on the roads around school.

The last update on this came at 6.58am this morning.

Meanwhile, St Philip's Church of England (C of E) Primary School, in Whitby Terrace, Girlington has announced a late start today.

The school will open at 10am, but the Breakfast Club will still be open as normal if needed.

This is to allow staff and pupils to arrive safely and for the site to be made safe.

The school said, where it is safe to do so, staff should make their way to school for a normal start time.

The last update on this came at 6.25am this morning.