A POPULAR city centre pub has reopened after being forced to close for more than a week over Christmas due to Covid-19 issues.

The Drum Winder, in Ivegate, opened again to the public from 10am this morning, after its forced absence over the festive period.

There was much discussion on a Facebook community group on Wednesday night about the pub's closure over Christmas, after people noticed it was mysteriously shut when wandering past.

Commenters on a post speculated what might have happened and one person took matters into their own hand by emailing Amber Taverns, which owns The Drum Winder and many other pubs across the country.

Amber Taverns responded to say the pub was temporarily closed due to Covid and that it would be opening as "soon as they get the all clear".

The T&A contacted Amber Taverns to confirm the situation and the Area Manager for The Drum Winder, Mark Wass, explained the pub closed after December 28 (last Tuesday) because of Covid-19 problems.

The Drum Winder also began shutting early from Christmas Eve for the same reason.

Mr Wass issued an apology to customers but said the pub had "no choice".

He added: "The Drum Winder had to close after the December 28, 2021 following issues with Covid-19, and from Christmas Eve we had to start closing early.

"I am pleased to say that we have opened again today at 10am and anticipate we wont have to close again."

Amber Taverns also announced that The Drum Winder will be under new management from next Monday, with Mr Wass outlining the current operator was only meant to be temporary.

The Drum Winder opened in 2019 in the former Poundland premises on Ivegate.

Amber Taverns have owned the pub ever since that year.