A YORKSHIRE-based nature restoration business can finally achieve its aim of restoring biodiversity across thousands of hectares of land, creating new habitats for hundreds of species across the UK following the recently passed Environment Act.

In preparation for the long-anticipated legislation becoming law, Environment Bank has hired 20 more professionals, taking its staff numbers to 26. This includes CEO James Cross, formerly Chief Executive of Natural England.

The hires will allow Environment Bank to consolidate its position as a leading provider of biodiversity net gain (BNG) through its ‘Credits’ scheme - whereby habitat impacted by development is created with a minimum of 10 per cent gain for nature.

Housing and commercial developers, infrastructure businesses and corporates are now required by law to ensure BNG on all new projects or risk planning permission being refused.

Environment Bank’s founder, Professor David Hill, CBE, created the concept of biodiversity net gain in 2007 and has long campaigned for it to be mandated into planning law. This has now been achieved through the passing of the Environment Act in November this year.

Professor Hill said: “BNG means leaving the natural environment in a better state than before a development or infrastructure project was built.”