BRADFORD folk have had their say after the city was voted in the top 10 worst places to live in England.

The online survey by satirical website I Live Here, rated Bradford as 10th in the 2022 list, down by six on the previous year.

After the Telegraph & Argus published the story online earlier today - you can read that here - readers have given their views on whether they agree with the ranking.

Some of the story’s Facebook comments include:

Shahid Islam posted: "Bradford has its fair share of problems but everywhere you meet people who care about this city. They want the best and it is all now coming together to make it better.

"There are Groups looking after parks, people running campaigns to improve road safety, volunteers encouraging cycling, gardening competitions, people organising litter picks and so much more."

Ann Quantrill: "Love my home town, don’t like it leave, I’ve visited many other towns I wouldn’t like to be in either, Bradford folk are the friendliest anywhere. Same problems everywhere you go nowadays.

Michael Purches: "As ever, I’m amazed at the number of people that run down Bradford but live here. There isn’t a wall around the place, there are no locked gates…. If you don’t like it just leave!"

Vincent Evans: "So funny, I moved here from Dagenham in London and trust me Bradford is way down the list of worse places to live. Move to London if you not happy here and then see how you feel about Bradford."

Meanwhile, some readers were not quite as supportive about Bradford. Here are a couple of those comments:

Ilyas Najib: "Surprised Bradford finished only 10th."

Kam Seihra: "Bradford was booming from the 50’s through to the 70’s because of the mills and factories.

"Now they’ve all gone and not been really replaced with offices this has been Bradford’s downfall.

"Plenty of people have left Bradford because the type of work that they want the employers aren’t in Bradford (looking at you Leeds)."