A MAN has been jailed after firing a shotgun as part of an ongoing feud, while his son was also involved in the incident.

Michael Vickers, 38, fired a shotgun twice towards someone he was arguing with at around 10am in front of shocked residents in a Keighley street.

He was also convicted for uploading a series of Snapchat videos where he threatened women and children associated with the people he was feuding with and sending the messages to people he was feuding with.

On the Snapchat videos, sent in August and November 2020, Michael Vickers also used racist language.

His son, Shane Vickers, 22, of Greystone Drive, Keighley, has also been jailed for charges including possessing a machete in Damems Lane, Keighley and assisting an offender, namely his father, by exchanging vehicles.

The younger Vickers drove off in a Ford Fiesta with another man and was seen 20 minutes later in another vehicle. Shane Vickers run towards the Fiesta after receiving a message asking for help from his father.

The two incidents took place on November 11, 2020, Bradford Crown Court heard on January 4.

Shane Vickers' DNA was found on the gun cartridges, along with a double barrel shotgun, discovered by a passer-by in a bag on a grass verge, prosecutor Katherine Robinson said.

Michael Vickers, of Worcester Road, Hull, was jailed for a total of nine years. He will serve the first six in custody and the last three on licence. He had more than 40 previous convictions for 92 previous offences including for threatening behaviour and affray. Shane Vickers was jailed for three years.

The mitigating counsel for Shane Vickers said: "His actions were due to misplaced loyalty to his father.

"They socialised more as friends than father and son."

Michael Vickers' mother's home had also been targeted as part of the feud.

The mitigating counsel for Michael Vickers said: "He knows that whatever this ongoing dispute is, he needs to put this old lifestyle behind him now."

The court also heard he apologised to residents who witnessed the shotgun being fired and regrets involving his son in the incident.

Deputy Circuit Judge Neil Davey QC told Michael Vickers he made and published Snapchat videos featuring 'graphic threats to cause distress' with threats to the family members and children of his enemies.

The judge told the pair: "All of the offending was due to the feuds Michael Vickers had for whatever reason in the Keighley area.

"You decided to take the law into your own hands. Your offending continued and escalated."