A recently-introduced Long Range (LR) version has brought extra practicality to MG’s fully-electric estate car.

Instead of 214 miles of range on the standard MG5, you can now squeeze 250 miles out of the 61.1kWh, water-cooled lithium-ion battery on the LR model.

Just as importantly, you can also rapid charge the LR variant at up to 100kW, meaning you can get an 80 per cent charge in around an hour.

Having struggled to find a charger in my hometown that wasn’t out of order or already in use, I was thankful for the LR’s fast-charging abilities when I finally found a decent charger at a motorway service station.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The MG5 long range

With 156ps and 260Nm available, the MG5 can hit 60mph from a standing start in 7.3 seconds, which feels like a pleasing turn of pace for a family estate car.

The steering is accurate and nicely weighted, although body control is a bit loose when cornering briskly

Nevertheless, the MG5 is more than capable of responding to a period of spirited driving, but the extra demands that such an approach places on battery usage will mean you'll soon become becalmed in a bid to preserve charge.

On that note, the active cruise control system – controlled via a stalk down to the left of the steering wheel – is a very handy tool for motorway driving, allowing you to relax on longer journeys while getting the best results in terms of battery range.

In terms of refinement, you’re conscious that some wind noise and road roar drifts into the cabin at motorway speeds, although nothing too intrusive.

Once inside the MG5, it’s a pleasant cabin that’s functional rather than flashy. The seats are comfortable and supportive and the controls are all well laid-out.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The MG5 long range

Some softer touch materials run horizontally across the centre of the dash, but harder scratchy plastics can be found above and below.

The infotainment system is simple to operate, but isn't especially large or pretty. It can be customised to allow you to change the car’s settings and, by and large, you can access all the information you're likely to need.

There are plenty of useful cubby holes to store oddments, while two central cup holders come in handy on longer journeys.

There’s bags of legroom up front, along with very generous headroom. The electric seats offer a wide range of adjustment, while that high roofline gives you chance to raise the seats quite high to get a commanding view of the road.

Things are a little tighter in the back, as a six footer will have their head touching or close to the roof, although legroom is still very generous. One tall adult could sit behind another with some degree of comfort, while another adult could squeeze into the middle too, making it possible for five adults to travel in some degree of comfort.

Meanwhile, boot space is sizeable too, with 578 litres of volume available.

The overall impression is of a vehicle that's packaged in a highly-practical body style.

The car also boasts a whole host of safety features, ranging from rear parking sensors to automatic headlights.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Left, the MG5 long range pictured in the rural Pennine splendour of West Yorkshire. Top right, the car is seen during a charging sessions at Wetherby services

All the main buttons and dials are within easy reach. A silver rotary dial down to the left allows you to select reverse, neutral or drive, while two smaller circular dials nearby regulate the air con/heating.

In terms of looks, the MG5's silhouette is easy-on-the-eye, with some attractive creases running across the bonnet and along the sides.

The 16-inch alloy wheels and roof rails are among the features that lend the modern exterior a more purposeful look.

MGs come with a seven-year warranty, which is always reassuring to the buyer.

As an electric estate, the MG5 LR is a car that shows that electric vehicles don't have to be compact and short range.

This 'Exclusive' version came in at £28,995, meaning the MG5 is among the better-value electric vehicles on the market today.


MG5 EV long range Exclusive

PRICE: £28,995


0-60MPH: 7.3 seconds

TOP SPEED: 115mph

RANGE: 250 miles (WLTP combined cycle)

MAX POWER: 156ps