Boxing Day walks have become a much loved British pastime as we walk off our Christmas dinners and sport our gifted hats, scarves and gloves.

After a long day of eating and drinking to hearts galore on Christmas Day, there's nothing better than venturing out and getting some fresh air. 

Whether you're looking for a long walk or short stroll along the canal, there are plenty of beautiful, scenic routes in Bradford district.

Let's take a look at five Boxing Day walking routes across Bradford district - including options for all fitness levels.

Black Pots & Rivock Plantation

This 3 and 3/4 miles circular walk provides stunning views along the Aire Valley as well as folklore and ghostly goings on at the Rivock Plantation.

This route is mainly farmland with just a couple of gentle, long inclines and a short section of road walking to finish.

The walk starts at the point where Holden Lane meets Silsden Road - overlooking Keighley - and includes the Lord Baden Powell and hot air balloon carved stone, Robin Hood's Stone and former mining sites notorious for ghost sightings.

You can find the route via this Bradford Council guide.

Micklethwaite and the Three and Five Rise Locks

This 3.5 mile circular walking route starts near Bingley fire station and takes you to the Leeds Liverpool Canal, Morton Beck and Five and Three Rise Locks.

This is a real Yorkshire adventure into nature and village living - offering a mixture of canal views and woodland.

You can download or print the handy Bradford Council document and guide before heading out.

Saltaire Tow Path

If you want to embark on a slightly more challenging route without compromising any of the scenic views, then this could be the walking route for you.

The 2.5 mile circular route starts at the canal towpath at the bottom of Victoria Road.

If you print off the Bradford Council document and guide before setting off, then you might also learn about the history of the area on the way.

For instance, did you know that the Mill Dam was built in 1911 and that the kissing gate encountered towards the end of the walk was constructed in the 1800s.

Judy Woods, Bradford

The next route has been previously recommended by a representative of the Rambler’s Bradford Group.

You can venture as far as you like in Judy Woods with several different trails to take.

One small route - which takes around an hour to complete - can be found on the Bradford Council website, easy to screenshot on your phone.

The trail starts at Park Bottom and takes you past Royds Hall Farm.

Keighley Moor, Keighley

Another walking route recommended by the Rambler’s Bradford Group is Keighley Moor.

The circular walk is around six miles long and starts at Morkin Bridge.

However, the terrain is a little rough and suited to more experienced walkers who have the physical capability to do the walk.

On the walk, you will eventually meet the Pennine Way and pass the dry stone wall on Old Bess Hill.

During the journey, you will also come across the Hitching Stone.

You can find the full route online.