THE Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says it is "impossible to imagine" how any parent or carer could inflict such suffering on a defenceless little girl.

At the conclusion of the Star Hobson murder trial yesterday, a strongly-worded statement was delivered outside Bradford Crown Court by Anita Banerjee, a Senior Crown Prosecutor for the CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.

She said: “Yesterday, Brockhill was found guilty of the murder of Star Hobson and Smith was found guilty of causing or allowing her death. They were responsible for inflicting catastrophic injuries on a helpless young child.

“Today, Brockhill is starting a term of life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years. Smith has been sentenced to eight years.

“Throughout her short life Star was subjected to endless physical assaults and psychological harm.

“Instead of love and protection, she experienced a world of humiliation, cruelty and pain at the hands of those who should have protected her most.

“It is impossible to imagine how any parent or carer could inflict this level of pain and suffering on an entirely defenceless little girl. Our thoughts remain with Star’s family, as they have been throughout.”

Reflecting on the case afterwards, a spokesperson for the CPS said: "Star had suffered utterly catastrophic, unsurvivable injuries. They were consistent with her being punched, stamped on, or kicked in the stomach.

"She also had fractures to the shin and the skull that pre-dated the death, and her body was covered with widespread, non-accidental bruising consistent with her being prodded, pinched or punched.

"No medical help was sought until Star suffered her final, fatal injuries.

"The jury also heard evidence that Star had been subjected to cruelty and psychological harm. This included being filmed as she was being frightened awake or when, clearly exhausted, she fell off her chair or into her food. These incidents demonstrate that Star was routinely treated with disdain and completely without love."