DURING Star Hobson’s short life, her family contacted social services five times with concerns for her welfare.

However, no action was ever taken to ensure Star’s safety, with one referral deemed “malicious”.

Here is a run through of each referral, and what happened after it was made.

  • Referral one - Holly Jones, January 27, 2020.

Holly, a family friend, frequently babysat Star when Frankie Smith went out drinking. After her referral, social services visited Smith and Star the next day, then again on January 30. The case was closed in late February.

  • Referral two - Anita Smith, May 5.

Star lived with Anita for several weeks from February to April as Smith “couldn’t cope”, and was abruptly taken back in April.

After hearing of “slam-choking” from family members, Anita made the call. Services visited Smith the same day. Anita was never spoken to by social services about her call and it was deemed “malicious”.

  • Referral three - Jordan Hobson, June 21.

A bruise is seen on Star’s cheek and Jordan, her father, makes the call. Police visit Smith and Star at Savannah Brockhill’s home.

Smith and Star go to hospital for a medical examination, with Star deemed to be happy and healthy and no concerns raised.

Smith told police and the doctor Star’s bruise was from falling on a coffee table drawer’s handle.

  • Referral four - Rachel Whiteley, late June.

Another referral is made around this time by Rachel, a family friend. Social services closed the case on July 8.

  • Referral five - Frank Smith, September 2.

Frank, Star’s paternal, biological great-grandfather, makes a call to social services, who make a joint visit to Smith’s flat at Wesley Place that day with police, but Smith and Star are not there, claiming to be in Scotland.

Another, unannounced, home visit is made on September 4, but again Smith and Star are not present, and the case is closed on September 7.

  • September 22, 2020 - Star is murdered by Savannah Brockhill.