A SERVICE that offers support and advice to those who use adult social care has been re-named.

Many people across the district will be familiar with the first point of contact when accessing services in Bradford Council's Adult Social Care through ‘Access.’ As part of the transformation across the department, Access will be changing its name to become ‘The Independence Advice Hub’.

The service will continue to offer support and advice and the Independence Advisors, who act as a guide, mentor and coach, helping callers find tailor made solutions that meet their individual needs, will discuss opportunities including digital offers, self-service possibilities and community alternatives to paid for services by looking at a person’s strengths, skills and the resources that they have in their life.

This support service provides a lifeline to many people in the district, where independent advisors, supported by social workers, community care officers and occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants assist callers to find the best outcomes for their needs, so that they can live independently at home.

The advisors will offer guidance on a range of options available to a person from universal services, services that enable people to stay connected and engaged in their community. They also advise on a range of services which people can purchase including equipment, technology solutions and demonstration centres.