LAST month we brought you the story of Jimmy the ‘boomerang cat’ who kept returning to a Bradford rescue centre.

Poor Jimmy had chemical burns on his paws and mouth when he arrived at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue in the summer.

We appealed on this page for someone to adopt Jimmy - and we’re delighted to reveal that he now has a lovely new home in the Yorkshire Dales.

Jimmy, who is about a year old, became known as the ‘boomerang cat’ after he was re-homed several times but kept being brought back to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, off Bolton Road. which specialises in looking after cats with injuries and disabilities.

“He came to us late one night in July, with very sore paws. We weren’t sure if he’d been in a road accident,” said Katie Lloyd, founder and manager of the cat rescue centre.

“We later established that his injuries had taken place several days previously and were more than likely accidental burns, possibly from jumping on something like an induction hob. His paws and pads were terribly painful and damaged.”

Vets cleaned Jimmy’s sore paws up, under anaesthetic. With his mouth covered in burns, he was fed with an esophageal feeding tube for several weeks. He was put on antibiotics and strong pain relief and his paws were dressed several times throughout the day.

But despite making a recovery, and having a “loving, affectionate personality”, Jimmy failed to find a home after five adoption attempts fell through.

Now Jacqui Morrell has given Jimmy a permanent home at her house in Nidderdale, with plenty of space indoors and outdoors for her new feline friend to explore.

“My husband Peter and I are supporters of the cat rescue and have previously fostered cats for Katie and have also adopted four cats from her,” said Jacqui. “Last Saturday we collected Jimmy and he has settled brilliantly with us in his new furr-ever home. It’s like he’s always been here.

“Katie mentioned that Jimmy loves being up high so we have the perfect home - it’s a barn conversion with loads of space until he can go outside. Then he will have the freedom of the Dales.

Jacqui and Peter have 12 other cats - Jimmy was number 13 - and four of them came from BCWR. The couple also run a hedgehog rescue - Hedgehog Appreciation Prickly Pals Yorkshire (HAPPY) - at their home and keep two hens and two ducks.

Katie at BCWR is thrilled that Jimmy has a home for Christmas. "We're delighted that Jimmy has landed on his paws with Jacqui and Pete - we could not wish for a better home for him," she said.

"Christmas is the season of love... and love in Jimmy's house has love in abundance".

* For more about Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, go to, email or call 07942 822509.