IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five football teams from the 60s.

Pictured above, prominent members of the 1964 Bradford Amateur League’s First Division – Bairds Sports.

Players included (left to right): J Yeadon, B Srbinovic, M Nesovic, J Cowgill, D Longbottom, R Metcalfe. In front: T P O’Reilly, A Curcic, K Smith, T Johnson (captain), H Walker, D Boyd. In front of the group are the mascots Gary and Graham Smith.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: ECCLESHILL UNITED 1964

ECCLESHILL UNITED 1964: Back, from the left: J Nelson, J Spencer (secretary), B Greaves, G Burgon, D Rollinson, R Bastow, B Hindmarch, P Greaves. In front: C White, P Holdsworth, D Walker (captain), J Wilson, M Fletcher, N Brooksbank.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: MANNINGHAM MILLS 1964

MANNINGHAM MILLS 1964: Back, from the left: E Kimberley, S Garnett (captain), W Parr, D Keighley, G Turner, K Thornton, M Atkinson (trainer). In front: D Brotherton, B Jenkinson, J Taylor, R Stewart, T Turner.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: SALEM ATHLETIC 1964

SALEM ATHLETIC 1964: Back, from the left: B Hodgson, R Crowther, K Watson, A Wright, A Crabtree, K Greenwood. In front: K Shaw, J Gifford, D Metcalfe (captain), A Burrage, I Stabb.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: EAST WARD LABOUR CLUB 1964

EAST WARD LABOUR CLUB 1964: One of the Bradford Amateur League’s outstanding sides – East Ward Labour Club. Back (left to right): B Ramsey, D Speak, M Ingle, A Harvath, F Naylor, R Hill. Front: T Holmes, W Mason, A Fowler, A Smith, M Hill.

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