Dan Walker has spoken out on social media to give an answer to people asking why he wouldn't be taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing live arena tour in 2022.

The BBC Breakfast presenter and his partner Nadiya Bychkova were knocked out at the quarter final stage of the programme last weekend.

It was then reported yesterday that Walker wouldn't be taking part in the live arena Strictly Come Dancing tour, which usually includes the seven best performing couples.

Walker had previously faced criticism from some of the show's viewers for staying in the programme for as long as he did.

What was Dan Walker's repsonse?

Walker took to his Twitter account to address the reasons for why he won't be taking part in the tour.

He wrote: "I can’t wait to take my family to watch the #Strictly tour this year but I sadly won’t be part of it.

"I have too many work commitments and I want to be at home after spending so much longer on the actual show than I ever expected.

"I’m sure it’ll be amazing - as usual," he added.

Twitter user Erin Mckenzie wrote in reply: "Glad I didn’t buy tickets, I would’ve only gone to see you.

"On a serious note, very good decision. Family is everything and I know how much yours means to you. Enjoy some time off with them, you deserve it".