A DAD is carrying on his family's tradition of doing-up his Bradford home with lights this Christmas.

Philip Rollin, 40, has been draping his Eccleshill house in festive decorations for the last five years.

He is following in the footsteps of his uncle who used to always go all out for the month of December.

Philip has been spending the last six weeks making his property on Northwood Crescent shine.

He said: "Our house is back to front so the living room is at the back and the kitchen is at the front.

"We always see a car or two out the window looking at the Christmas lights.

"I do it to bring joy to my kids and the ones on the street. It is a good thing for the community. It has turned into a hobby once a year.

"It has taken me around six weeks this year. With the weather, I didn't want to be out there playing with electrics when it was raining.

"I got a lot of the stuff from my uncle. He used to do them for years but stopped a while back.

"He gave me some of his decorations but I have bought most of them myself through Facebook or at garden centres."

In 2019, Philip placed a charity donation box for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in his garden.

However, he won't be doing that this year after it was shockingly stolen.

He added: "We thought it would be nice to have a charity box out in the garden so whoever visited could donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

"That came to a stop, however, when the box was stolen. I don't know how much was in it at the time because we used to empty it regularly."

Philip lives with his partner and four children - aged 18, 17, 13 and five - who he hopes will carry on the family tradition in the future.

From 5pm to 9pm all of this month, the Rollin household is welcoming people to come enjoy their Christmas lights at 5 Northwood Crescent.

Back in October, the Telegraph & Argus highlighted a number of Halloween displays around the city. This time we want to see what you are doing to get in the festive spirit.

Is you or someone you know decking the house to the brim with Christmas delights? If so, please do contact Rowan Newman on rowan.newman@nqyne.co.uk or 07768 476839.