VINTAGE typewriters are being given a new lease of life with the launch of a club in Otley next week.

The typewriters, dating from 1929 to the mid 1970s, have been rescued and lovingly restored by

Josh Sutton.

Now Josh is giving people the chance to enjoy the nostalgia of writing letters in an old fashioned way by coming along to the first event on Wednesday, December 8.

Josh explained how his unusual idea stemmed from the rescue of a typewriter two years ago.

"My wife came back from the tip a couple of years ago, with an Imperial 66, a real heavyweight of a desktop typewriter," he said. "The carriage return spring was broken and I managed to work out how to fix it. That left me with a curiosity about these old machines.

"I’ve since built up a collection of over a dozen, the oldest dating from 1929 (a Royal 10) and the newest being an electric Imperial, which I managed to fix too. The latest in my collection is a 1938 Corona which I picked up in a junk shop in Sheffield for just £30, but my favourite has to be the 1940s Remington Number 5 which my wife found in a charity shop.

"As soon as I began to build the collection I wanted the machines to be used, as they had been in their past lives. I write regularly to all my overseas pals and thought it would be nice to start up a club where folks could come along, maybe bring a bottle of wine or a beer if they like and tap out a letter to an old pal."

Josh said typeRIGHT was originally scheduled for launch in 2020 and had a lot of interest but it had to be put on hold because of lockdown.

He added: "So I’m hoping the enthusiasm is still there and people will come along on Wednesday 8th December to our new arts space in Otley - UpCo, 7 Courthouse Street, Otley, LS21 3AN 7-9pm. Spaces are limited to the twelve machines I have, so booking will be on a first come first served basis."

Paper will and stamps and envelopes are available. There will be a £5 administration fee, to cover costs of typewriter ribbons and paper etc.

Jos said: "I’m inviting people to come along a type a letter to their furthest and dearest, possibly an ageing aunt or a long lost pal, or maybe even drop a line to Santa as Christmas is just around the corner. If it proves popular, ‘typeRIGHT' will become a regular feature at UpCo."

All are welcome, but the venue is not wheelchair accessible.