SIR - I've enjoyed the T&A photos from the famous UK freeze of December 1981 to mark 40 years, including the skidded crashed bus in Bradford.

I distinctly remember Christmas Day at home in Eccleshill with icicles coming down the full length of the windows. This would be the last white Christmas for many years.

I was in sixth form at Eccleshill School and despite temperatures reaching below -20 C and 15 feet high snow drifts, I do not recall the schools ever closing. In fact not ever in 13 years of such events. Very much unlike nowadays. The UK had problems then but our society didn't have a glass jaw.

Culturally in December 81, the New Romantic movement was obsessed and optimistic about the future with Phil Oakey's futuristic hair style and other great fashion. How disappointed he must be now.

Alan Bates. Bowland, Avenue, Baildon