BRADFORD East MP Imran Hussain pressed Boris Johnson on the Nationality and Borders Bill, which he claims could see individuals stripped of their British citizenship.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, he said: “My grandfather along with thousands of others came to this country 70 years ago working seven days a week in squalid conditions to help rebuild this country.

“Yet now the Home Secretary’s Nationality and Borders Bill means she can revoke our British citizenship and deport us for even the most minor wrongdoings.

“Given the Government and the Home Office’s horrific track record with the treatment of minorities, the hostile environment and the Windrush scandals, let me ask the Prime Minister the burning question that is now on the lips of everyone from a BAME background right across the country: when is he coming for me?”

The Prime Minister said Mr Hussain should “look at the Conservative frontbench today” and “withdraw what he just said”.

He added: “He should withdraw it, what he said is absolutely shameful and, as he knows full well, the Borders Bill does nothing of the kind.”

Boris Johnson said the Nationality and Borders Bill will give powers to turn people back at sea and be screened abroad, when he was challenged to scrap the Human Rights Act to stop “endless waves” of people crossing the Channel.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell said: “We will not be able to stop the endless waves of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel until we break free from the constraints of the European Convention on Human Rights, which impedes our ability to tackle this tragic situation and protects even the most violent of criminals from being deported.”

The Romford MP said: “It’s time to take back control and fulfil our manifesto commitment in 2015 to get rid of Labour’s Human Rights Act and bring in a British bill of rights. ”

The Prime Minister said: “We will certainly review the human rights system.”

In the meantime, he said, the Nationality and Borders Bill will return to the Commons next week “and it gives us the power to make the distinction at last between illegal and legal migrants to this country, it gives … Border Force the power to turn people back at sea, and it gives us the power to screen people and send them for screening overseas rather than in this country”.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Removing someone’s British citizenship has been possible for over a century and is a last resort against the most dangerous people or those whose conduct involves very high harm. It is rare, cannot leave anyone stateless, and comes with a right to appeal.

“This change is simply about the process of notification for removal of citizenship. We will always try to tell them that their citizenship has been deprived, but it might not be possible in exceptional circumstances like if they’re in a war zone, we can’t get hold of them, or informing them would reveal sensitive intelligence sources.”