A MAN jailed last month for firing shots from an imitation gun on a Keighley street was  back before Bradford Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to blackmailing a woman.

David Hull appeared on a video link to Leeds Prison where he is serving a 34-month prison sentence imposed on October 11 for using the blank firing pistol with the intention to cause fear.

Two days before he was imprisoned and while on bail, he went to an address in Keighley and produced a pickaxe handle, a large knife and a screwdriver to demand money he was owed.

Prosecutor Imran Khan said that Hull arrived at the address at 5pm on October 9 intoxicated and with thick grey socks covering his boots. He told his victim they were to conceal footprints and DNA evidence.

After he was let into the property, Hull, 49, of Elmwood Road, Keighley, said: “You’d best get some money sorted.”

He took a screwdriver from his pocket and he also had the pickaxe handle and a knife with a ten-inch blade, Mr Khan said.

Two women were at the address and Hull swung the pickaxe handle at one of them. It stopped an inch short of her temple, she had stated.

He tapped the pickaxe handle on a bed frame and one of the women’s relatives heard her during a phone call saying: “Please don’t hurt me, Dave.”

He threatened to kill her if she called the police, the court was told.

He had locked the door behind him and was “chewing” the key in his mouth.

Hull was aggressive and abusive when the police arrived at his home to arrest him. He was intoxicated and threatening to kill the officers.

He said he was owed £100 but denied going round to the women’s address that afternoon.

Hull’s victim said the “horrific incident” had left her suffering nightmares and made her depression and anxiety worse.

Hull had 28 convictions for 56 offences, including assaults, possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and drink-driving.

His barrister, Ayman Khokhar, said he did not take the pickaxe handle or the knife to the address. He had left them there on an earlier visit.

Hull had been drinking in a pub before going to the property and he did not use any violence.

Judge Andrew Hatton asked Mr Khan why the Crown accepted Hull’s version of events when one of the women said he unzipped his jacket and got out the pickaxe handle.

He ordered a Newton Hearing to hear evidence from the victim if Hull persisted in maintaining that the weapons were already at the address.

The case was adjourned for him to have a further conference with Mr Khokhar.

He was remanded back into custody.