A MAN who carried out a “frenzied” knife attack on his friend at a flat in Bradford has been made the subject of a Hospital Order under the Mental Health Act.

Cameron Hussain, 28, was initially charged with attempting to murder his 34-year-old victim after he suffered stab wounds to his chest and thigh during the attack at Hussain’s flat in Harris Street on October 5, 2020.

Hussain, who had long-standing mental health problems, pleaded guilty earlier this year to an alternative allegation of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and that plea was accepted by the prosecution.

Bradford Crown Court heard today that the friends socialised and went to the gym together but Hussain mistakenly believed that the man had been talking about him and making negative comments.

Despite assurances from his friend that he hadn’t said anything, Hussain continued to claim that “people are talking about me.”

Prosecutor, Ian Mullarkey, said the victim was sitting on the sofa in the flat watching television and looking at his mobile phone when Hussain walked into the kitchen and picked up a knife.

After challenging his friend again about the alleged comments, Hussain struck him twice in the chest with the knife.

He suffered further stab wounds, including one in his leg, despite telling Hussain that he hadn’t said anything about him.

After discarding the broken knife, Hussain then started punching and head-butting his victim.

Mr Mullarkey said the man described how Hussain wasn’t listening to him, but when the attack suddenly stopped, he said: “What have I done? Please forgive me. Don’t call the police.”

After the attack, Hussain rang his mother and told her he had stabbed his friend and he was bleeding a lot.

When his mother arrived she saw the man slumped over on a wall outside and while her son got towels, she contacted the emergency services.

As his victim was being stretchered away, Hussain said: “Sorry bro.”

The man had suffered four stab wounds to his body and one to his right thigh. He was in hospital for four days but had since made a full recovery from his physical injuries, the court was told.

The court heard that Hussain had an established diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and was currently detained at the Newton Lodge medium secure unit.

In 2012, he was locked up for a wounding offence and in 2014 he had been made the subject of a similar Hospital Order but had subsequently been released.

Frances Pencheon, Hussain’s barrister, said he was remorseful and had apologised to the victim at the scene.

Judge Jonathan Rose said Hussain’s beliefs about his friend were a product of his own mental illness at the time.

“You repeatedly stabbed him in what can only be described as “a frenzied attack” said the judge.

“You stopped only when the knife broke and went on to punch and head-butt him in a prolonged assault.”

The judge said the injuries suffered were substantial and serious and the victim’s life had been put in danger.

He imposed a Hospital Order with a Section 41 restriction which means Hussain will not be released until he is assessed as no longer posing a serious risk of harm to members of the public.