A BRADFORD MP has accused the Home Office of "persecuting" his "law-abiding constituents".

Labour's Imran Hussain (Bradford East) criticised the "last-minute amendment" to the Nationality and Borders Bill, which could see individuals stripped of their British citizenship without warning, arguing it "defies international law".

He said: "The increasing anti-refugee, anti-migration rhetoric of the Home Secretary has left many of my hard-working constituents extremely fearful for their futures.

"Particularly, given the continued hostile environment created by the Home Office, under a last-minute amendment to the Nationality and Borders Bill which would allow the Home Office to strip ordinary British nationals of their citizenship without warning.

"Stripping citizenship from ordinary people robs them of one of the most fundamental human rights and defies international law.

"When will the Home Secretary stop this hostile environment and when will she stop persecuting my law-abiding constituents?

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: "If I may, I would be very happy to drop him a line with the full facts of the amendments rather than responding to the rhetoric that he has just given."

On the proposed Bill, she added: "The long-term solution to breaking the model, to reforming the asylum system, to deterring illegal migration, addressing the underlining pull factors of the UK's asylum system, it will introduce a one-stop appeal process."