A SEXUALLY jealous pensioner has been jailed for three years and four months for threatening to kill his former partner, cutting her with a knife and stabbing and smashing her mobility scooter.

John Mcindeor, 66, terrorised and traumatised his disabled victim, aged in her late 70s, accusing her of sleeping around and holding a bread knife to her throat, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Locking him up, Recorder Ashley Serr said the offences followed a “fraught and toxic” on-off relationship in which Mcindeor had twice been warned under The Harassment Act.

The violence in August had left the woman utterly terrified and totally traumatised, looking over her shoulder all the time in dread of seeing him again.

Recorder Serr said the offending was rooted in Mcindeor’s sexual jealousy and binge drinking.

Mcindeor, of Broadway, Bingley, pleaded guilty to making a threat to kill, possession of a bladed article, causing the woman actual bodily harm and doing £595 damage to her mobility scooter.

Prosecutor Gareth Henderson-Moore said the woman complained of a history of vio-lence at Mcindeor’s hands but he was never charged with anything.

As a background to the offending, Mr Henderson-Moore said the woman was in the Wetherspoons pub in The Myrtle Grove in Bingley in July after attending a funeral when Mcindeor saw her comforting a man. He made threats and was asked to leave.

On August 8, she was again in the pub when he stabbed at her mobility scooter parked outside and smashed the electrics.

The following day when they met by chance in Bingley town centre, he accused her of sleeping with other people to which she replied: “At my age?”

He then did further damage to the scooter while she was in the pub.

On August 10, she collected it from the repair shop having footed the bill herself.

She was in her kitchen at 3pm when Mcindeor walked into the house with a bread knife and pointed it at her stomach.

He accused her of sleeping with someone else because the scooter, which had been at the repair shop, was not at her address the previous night.

He then pointed the knife at her throat and threatened to kill her and the people she had been with in the pub after the funeral.

When she was about to call 999, he took her phone and raised the knife to her face. She put up her hand to defend herself and the blade cut her right thumb.

Mcindeor left the house when a neighbour who had heard the disturbance banged on the window.

In her victim personal statement the woman, who attended court for the hearing, said: “I genuinely believed that he would kill me.”

Mcindeor had five previous convictions for 13 offences, including arson, perverting the course of justice and driving matters, but nothing for violence.

James Holding said in mitigation that he had been a hardworking man until he retired.

He was ashamed of his actions and genuinely remorseful.

He knew he had to let the woman move on with her life and he had been frank with the police.

Mcindeor was ordered to pay £794 compensation for damaging the scooter and making off with the woman’s phone. A restraining order without limit of time bans him from having any contact with her and going to her address.