It was two years ago when Qasim Farooq and wife Annsa decided that they were going to open a healthy takeaway that was targeted at gym-goers and healthy eaters.

QF Kitchen in Batley opened over a month ago and the takeaway has been a huge success.

This takeaway is the first of its kind that focusses on nutritional food that allows customers to make healthy swaps, but also the first to ever do a protein bubble waffle.

Qasim,30, who works as a personal trainer is dedicated to changing the lives of others whether that be through training or nutrition.

Qasim said: “I really wanted to help people and my plan was to open a gym, that had a little café but when COVID hit and the gyms were closing day by day, I thought it’s not profitable but then this idea came to me.

“I’ve been meal-prepping for my clients from home, but this takes it to the next level.”

Qasim’s takeaway features a gym-theme with a pull up bar in the corner and a discount for anyone who can hold on for one minute.

The eatery features a heavy amount of the colour green, with burgers made in green buns.

Food is cooked and prepared by Annsa, who has never worked as a chef commercially but made the meal-prep boxes for Qasim’s clients. 

The menu is inspired by gym-goers’ favourites, the classic rice and chicken as well as fun options such as burgers and a stir fry.

“We wanted there to be something for every diet type, we cater for Keto, Vegan, Pescatarian, anything the customer wants we can do.

“We don’t even own a fryer; we oven bake everything and that’s why there can be a wait sometimes, but the food is better.”

The takeaway also provides customers with an array of sugar free drinks and fresh juices made instore.

“We want people to feel good and feel their best when they eat here.

“We want to fuel them the right way.”

Qasim is a big believer of giving things a go and being resilient.

“People say I’m motivational but really I think you’ve got to stay positive and pursue what you’re passionate about.

“It’s about making yourself happy not others.

“People told me I wouldn’t like being a PT but here I am, I love my job, and this is a bonus.”