TIM Horton's opened a brand new restaurant in Birstall to much fanfare last week, bringing a taste of Canada to the district.

The fast-food chain, which is famous for its Iced Capps, iconic crispy chicken sandwiches and vast range of doughnuts, is dipping its toes into West Yorkshire for the first time, having already opened stores in other areas of the UK.

The T&A got the chance to take a look around the restaurant and try out the brand's food items the Friday before it officially opened at 7am on Monday, November 8.

Many people have reported the drive-thru and store being extremely busy since then, but how have people been taking to the newest offering on the block at Birstall Retail Park?

It is already attracting rave reviews from some; but others aren't so keen.

At the time of writing, the fast-food restaurant in Birstall had a rating of 3.1 stars, with 106 Google reviews.

The review at the top when selecting "Most Relevant" comes from Kazi Sajeed, who visited last week, and is very positive about the store.

Mr Sajeed has a Level 7 Local Guide badge on Google reviews (points are awarded for various things, such as submitting reviews and photos, and this allows you move up the ranks all the way to Level 10), having submitted 117 reviews and uploaded 511 photos.

He gave a rating of four stars and said: "Great and fast service even when busy.

"The french vanilla was on point, taste wise.

"First Timmy's in West Yorkshire and no need to go Manchester to get your Tim Horton's fix.

"The staff was very efficient and effective at getting out those orders.

"Overall experience was brilliant and family enjoyed the hot drink along with their maple caramel donut."

But the next reviewer down was not as impressed and rather scathing with their comments.

Eddie Howarth, who has submitted four reviews and two photos in total, gave the store a rating of one star last week.

He said: "First visit this morning, I got the big breakfast wrap meal and a box of 12 deluxe donuts to take to work.

"The big wrap was shocking and the meat inside tasted like dog food 😐.

"The donuts look nice but they are dry and definitely not worth the money.

"If this is best from Canada 🇨🇦 you can keep this trash.

"Come on people we should be eating better than this."

Alex Brock, a Level 4 Local Guide (14 reviews, one photo), had an unfortunate experience where six became five.

He gave a star rating of two last week and said: "Got two takeout meals and a box of donuts.

"Burgers were really nice, lattice fries were OK. But it was pretty cold.

"The annoying thing was, we ordered sauce with the meals, which wasn't in the bags when we got home, and the box of six donuts only had five in it.

"Pretty obvious mistake really, not impressed with that at all.

"The burger was the only redeeming factor."

Mr Brock's review was accompanied with a picture showing a box containing five doughnuts with an obvious gap.

But Level 5 Local Guide Michael Hollingworth (33 reviews, one photo) has enjoyed Tim Horton's so much, he's been back for a second trip already.

Mr Hollingworth gave a five star rating after that visit last week.

His review said: "Second visit today. Amazing burgers helpful staff. The maple 🍁 hint in the burgers was a nice surprise. Coffee is fantastic 👌."

Another five star review came from Matthew Horton (we wonder if he's related), a Level 5 Local Guide (24 reviews, 47 photos).

He visited six days ago and said: "Nice welcoming place and such a good coffee as you usually get from Tim Horton's."

But it was doom and gloom for Amy Rushton (two reviews), who gave a one star rating after her visit five days ago.

She said: "Worst experience ever! First order (drive through) half of the order missing, didn't realise until we got home. Burger was flat cold.

"Drove back, was happy with a refund and a new order.

"Still items missing, still cold and cheese on the muffin when I requested NO CHEESE!

"Staff seemed to be lost and unaware of what they actually should be doing. Management no-where to be seen. Don't waste your time or your money!"

Meanwhile, Angus Glassford - a Level 5 Local Guide (41 reviews, 128 photos) - had both positives and negatives to give after his visit 23 hours ago.

He rated Tim Horton's at Birstall three stars and said: "Food tastes really nice and for the price it’s good.

"However, every time I have been so far they have missed off the sauce and the extra hash brown I ordered.

"According to them, it didn’t even show on the screen but the cost charged was correct."

The newest review, at the time of writing, comes from Luke Page - a Level 5 Local Guide (46 reviews, 24 photos) - submitted just 58 minutes ago.

He gave a one star rating and said: "Disappointed, was really hyped for this opening, but the food was underwhelming and the pricing was not great either.

"Kitchen is woefully unable to handle the volume of orders and is tiny.

"Never seen so many staff just pottering around not doing anything before."