PARIS and Bradford may not have much in common. But they do both play an integral part in the story of one upcoming star.

Sam Carvalho Da Silva, who goes by the stage name ‘Red Shakes’, is a young singer/songwriter on the rise.

After being played on a national radio station, the artist is desperate for his big break into the mainstream.

He said: “I am indie/rock but I do like that sort of sixties pop stuff. That is what my grandad liked and brought me up on. I have a lot of influences from that genre. I like a bit of variation.

"My aim is for more national recognition and to play major festivals. When I get more of an audience, I think all that stuff will come naturally.”

Sam was born in the French captial and has a Brazilian father who is a jazz musician.

With that in mind, you must be wondering how could he possibly have any links to the city of Bradford.

Without knowing a single word of English, Sam moved to the birthplace of his mother at the age of 10.

So, how do the two cities compare?

“Paris is very culturally different to Bradford,” he said.

“People always poke fun and say it seems like a bit of a downgrade. But I do love England and the people. You are the funniest people in the world.”

The singer-songwriter started learning music in spite of studying for his exams at Beckfoot Thornton School. He launched his first band at 16.

Fast forward years later and, under a new alias, Sam released his first solo single ‘Not the Same Anymore’.

It seemed like he tempted fate as only a month after, the nation was plunged into lockdown.

Sam was able to take the positives from the long layoff without live music though.

He added: “I got to write a lot of stuff in that time. And in some ways it worked in my favour because people had time on their hands and could watch my music videos.”

They did just that with Red Shakes’ ‘Believe it’ getting played on Radio X.

You can also hear the 20-year-old’s quality tunes blaring out of the speakers at Valley Parade before matches and during half time.

Red Shakes released his debut EP ‘Nothing In The Morning’ this year and it does not disappoint with a nice mix of jolly numbers.

You’ll be bopping your head to opener ‘Nothing In The Morning’, ‘Your Love Today’ and ‘Not The Same Anyone’.

My personal favourite is the more thoughtful Libertines-sounding ‘New Year’s Eve’.

It is going out there and playing in front of the masses that Sam loves the most.

Over the last nine months or so, he has had the chance to do that and learn his trade.

If you was wondering what it would be like to go watch him live, a gig at The Underground last Saturday provided evidence of the energy he brings.

Sam was seen crowdsurfing on top of the audience in what looked like a wild night for the city centre audience.

He said: “It was absolutely crazy. It was my first headline show at home. The crowd were amazing.”

Some may argue that it is easier to make a name for yourself in the music business these days thanks to the internet.

Sam added: “Social media is a massive part of it. You can reach so many people without making that much effort. Some of it is still oldschool, like word of mouth, but it does help out a lot.”

So, please do go out there and support this adopted Bradfordian. You will be pleasantly surprised by the talent he posses.