IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five East Bierley cricket teams from the past.

Pictured above, East Bierley's 1961 team line-up.

Back from the left: N Kitson, C Grunwell, A B Cawthray, N Burnham, B Redfern, N G Steadman.

Front: B Ledgard, B Lymbery, D Field (captain), P Forrest, T Evans.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: EAST BIERLEY 1962

EAST BIERLEY 1962: Back from left: A B Cawthray, B Scott, R A Rowe, B Daisey, P Scott, N Kitson. Front: P Forrest, E Slingsby, D Field (captain), L Pickles and B Redfearn.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: EAST BIERLEY 1963EAST BIERLEY 1963: Back from the left: P Stringer, B Redfearn, P Ashton, D Middleton, B Scott, R Hutchinson. Front: E Slingsby, G Yendall, N Kitson (captain), P Forrest, L Pickles.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: EAST BIERLEY 1966

EAST BIERLEY 1966: Back from the left: M Daisey, R Blundell, D Bateson, C Wood, P Stott, S Longbottom. Front: B Evans, A B Cawthray, D Field (captain), E Slingsby, A Wilcock.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: EAST BIERLEY 1967

EAST BIERLEY 1967: Back from the left: A Armitage, D Bateson, M Lawson, R Blundell, B Daisey. M Collins. Front: B Lymbery, R Hutchinson, J A Phillips (captain), M Allitt, E Slingsby.

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