‘NOT Nineteen Forever’ is arguably the Courteeners most well-known tune.

On a rainy night at St George’s Hall, they got the huge crowd of all ages partying like they were.

The band put on one heck of a show to those who seemed to gather from, not only around West Yorkshire, but from the whole of the North to witness an enthralling, fast-paced, evening of live music.

When someone mentions Liam and rock ‘n’ roll frontmen in the same sentence, it would only be natural for Gallagher to be the first thought in your head.

However, another man from the North West should certainly be next on that list.

Liam Fray, lead vocalist of the Courteeners, is not the same boisterous character but he doesn’t need to be as his ability and stage generalship brings the energy and emotion that so many of his followers cherish.

This is a three-piece that played in front of over 50,000 people at Emirates Old Trafford earlier this year.

In terms of capacity, the city’s oldest concert hall was never going to match that. What it lacked in numbers, it more than made up in atmosphere though.

Almost 3,000 people were belting out tune after tune in sync with Fray.

Those in attendance could definitely be classed as hardcore ‘Teeners’ fans.

If you want to stick with the Oasis theme, three years before Liam and Noel came to blows and split, the Courteeners were playing their first gig at Manchester Roadhouse.

That is the reason behind their ‘The Whites of their Eyes’ tour, to mark 15 years on the road.

The setlist indicates a ‘best of ’ vibe which will always go down good with any music lover supporting their favourite act.

Bradford was the second destination on their eight-show rodeo in a spellbinding 11 days. Other locations - which include the likes of Nottingham, Bristol and London - will do well to better the atmosphere generated in this Victorian building.

After a superb performance from Edinburgh rock band Vistas, the headliners had no thought of easing people in as they kicked off with the thumping ‘Heart Attack’ from latest album ‘More. Again. Forever’.

The following 12 tracks were made up of classics from all six of their studio albums with ‘Cavorting’, ‘Bide Your Time’ and ‘The 17th’ especially going down well.

That was only the start to a relentless show which went on for more than 90 minutes with 21 songs in total.

After the shortest of breaks, Fray then proceeded to whip out the acoustic guitar, showing he is a man of many talents.

It dropped the tone slightly but his rendition of ‘Please Don’t’ still kept the crowd vibrant.

Although it must be said he was not the only one who excelled on the night, guitarist Daniel Moores and drummer Michael Campbell must also take some of the credit.

And you must not forget live band members bassist Joe Cross or Elina Lin on keyboards and backing vocals either.

The band ended the gig in sublime fashion. Performances of ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ and ‘What Took You So Long?’ from their debut album ‘St. Jude’ gained a rapturous reaction from the seated and standing masses.

The Courteeners may not be from Bradford but the St. George’s Hall crowd took to them like they were one of their own.