IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five cricket teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these pictures?

Pictured above, June 1986, Lidget Green – Division Two Bradford League.

Back, from left: Gary Orrell, Alan Broadley, Howard Taylor, Steve Langley, Terry McGuire, Steve Myers. Front: Jonathan Tetley, David Peers, Tim Rukin, Jaffa Shah, Shahid Tanvir.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: FIELDS 1993

FIELDS 1993: Back from the left: Ken Cooper, Darren Norman, Mohammed Ramzan, John Moore, Howard Phillip. Front: Andrew McGill, Paul Hannan, Phil Cox, Barry Taylor, Terry Lambert.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: GRANGE UPPER SCHOOL 1994

GRANGE UPPER SCHOOL 1994: Left to right: Talat Sajawal, Richard Noble (teacher), Abbas Najib, Mubasshir Hussian, Ansar Khan, Abbas Ali, Iltaf Ahmed, Abu Ali, Derek Radcliffe (teacher). Front: Sakil Patel (captain).


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: HAWORTH ROAD 1993

HAWORTH ROAD 1993: Back from the left: Nick Griggs, Andy Griggs, Josh Crookes, Stan Kaznowski, David Butterfield, Barry Lambert. Front: Syed Ali, John Humphreys, John Driver (captain), Tony Dobson, Mick Holmes.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: LIDGET GREEN U17 1985

LIDGET GREEN U17 1985: Back from the left: Lee Ascough, James Atkinson, Tariq Mahmood, Richard Sandford, Jason Hemmingway, Craig Smith, Wasim Raja, Philip Ascough (scorer). Front: Mohammed Mayat, Imran Qayum, Paul Ascough (captain), Tasawar Malik, Paul Line.

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