Kate Garraway was seen breaking down in tears and praying for her husband Derek amid his ongoing Covid recovery.

The Good Morning Britain presenter appeared on new BBC series, Walking With…

Derek Draper, 53, fell ill in March 2020 after contracting coronavirus and has required a long recovery in intensive care, during which he was placed in a coma.

After more than a year in hospital, he was considered well enough to return to his North London home in April.

The TV presenter and journalist has been open about how her family has coped since her husband’s diagnosis.

Kate Garraway breaks down talking about husband’s Covid recovery

During the show, Kate visited a church with her husband regularly before he contracted Covid.

She then said she had not been to church since “Derek got sick” before crying and taking a moment out to pray.

“We used to go regularly,” she said. “"Derek is a faithful churchgoer, but we haven’t been inside one and it does feel like there's an incredible sense of peace.

“It makes me feel quite emotional, actually. Well if you're ever going to pray in your life you'll pray here."

Kate explained what she was thinking after she was seen praying.

She said:  "I think there's something very powerful in prayer.

"Whatever form it takes for you. For me, a classic prayer – I believe to God – is a very special thing. You can probably guess what I'm praying for."