Located on a rural landscape, surrounded by tall trees and beautiful stonework, the new restaurant inside Bradford’s Holiday Inn, Iman’s Brasserie offers a fine dining experience.

From the drive into the carpark, it's hard to comprehend that this is in the heart of Bradford’s hustle and bustle

Huge windows panel the sides of the room, the bright colours of the sunset pouring through.

Modern touches have been added to the stone room, but the overall effect was quaint and warm.

The restaurant has been opened by Ashfaq Hussain, former owner of the well-known Bradford restaurant EastzEast, which has chains across the UK.

Working in the restaurant business for over 30 years, Ashfaq has taken a risk with his new eatery by offering a range of authentic Italian dishes on the menu.

Ashfaq said: “We wanted to have things on the menu so that it would be suitable for everybody.

“Our main service is to those staying at the hotel, so we have to cater for them and having a full Asian menu, wouldn’t work.”

The T&A were invited to look at the restaurant and taste selected dishes off the menu.

We were offered a range of starters and mains including lamb chops, chicken wings, chicken skewers, lamb Bhuna, Karahi chicken off the Asian menu and mushroom and chicken Tagliatelle and mushroom and chicken Risotto from the Italian menu.

The food from the Asian menu was well made, with the highlight being the chicken Karahi; a recipe that Ashfaq’s uncle put his own twist on and ‘invented.’

Asian cuisine is well known for its blend of spices and while some of the dishes had a kick to them, the heat was tolerable enough that the dish was still enjoyable.

Being on the Asian restaurant scene has allowed Ashfaq to perfect his dishes but throwing in the Italian could have been a disaster had he not sourced an Italian chef.

“We wanted authentic Italian, not Italian with an Asian twist and by having a chef who specialises in that, hopefully it will bring people around.

“People enjoy trying news food and they don’t want a different version of it, they want it done well.

“Our Italian dishes are simple, but they are made well, and we use quality ingredients.”

With authentic Italian and Asian chefs behind the kitchen doors, recipes inspired by relatives and passed on for years, the food gave the same warmth as the restaurant’s atmosphere.

The restaurant is open for customers, but the owners will be holding a grand opening at the end of November, with free food for all attending.

Iman’s Brasserie also caters for weddings that take place on the hotel grounds, with two wedding venues and a marquee outside.