BRADFORD charity organisation, CNet is hosting an informative event for International Men’s Day.

International Men’s Day takes place on Friday November 19, but CNet will be holding their event at the Carlisle Centre on Thursday November 18.

The event will have several presentations on important topics for men such as Prostate Cancer, mental health and wellbeing, male carers and nursing and dementia.

A Spokesperson from CNet said: “As an organisation it felt important that we highlight International Men’s Day and do something worthwhile to help men.

“International Women’s Day, rightly, gets a lot of publicity and attention and we thought men deserved the same.

“Over the years the conversation around men’s mental health has picked up and we are aware that men prefer to keep quiet about mental and physical illnesses, but we want to help them understand that it doesn’t make them weak.”

Other charities and local organisations will also be holding stalls at the event such as: Mind in Bradford, Yorkshire Cancer and a male domestic abuse charity Men Standing Up.

Hollie Griss, PR and Communications Assistant at Mind in Bradford said: “We will be holding a stall at the event and hope to make people more aware about the services and support we can offer.

 “We want to share the message that mental health problems are not a weakness – we all have mental health, just as we all have physical health, and we offer support to anyone of any age.

“Seeking support for mental health issues is just as important as seeking help for physical illnesses.”

The event hopes to raise awareness about issues relating to men and helping them understand and speak up about their physical and mental health.