A WOMAN who spent almost £150 for a family night out at Odsal’s spectacular fireworks and stock car event was left bitterly disappointed when the event "all went wrong."

Shocking weather, a mudbath of a track and no monster trucks on display angered many in the crowd of over 5,000 at the show, which included a £10,000 firework display, on Saturday night.

And plenty voiced their dismay to the Telegraph & Argus.

Organiser, Startrax, has "apologised unreservedly" and said it "regrets the disappointment for very wet families."

One woman - who is disabled after having three hip replacements and spent a huge £144 to secure tickets for her family - says her grandsons were reduced to tears on their way home.

Sue Proctor said: “It was an absolute nightmare. It totally spoiled our night out with the kids.

"There were massive queues for parking. We didn’t get in until half five because it was absolute bedlam.

"When we finally got in there, it was rammed. The track was so muddy. We only saw two races in two hours because the cars couldn’t move.

"The main reason we went was for the seven kids to see the monster trucks. The grandkids were so disappointed, they were all in tears on their way home.

"Everybody was leaving in disgust after two hours. We didn’t stay for the fireworks.

"We were all soaking wet and I was in absolute agony because I couldn’t find anywhere to sit down.”

Another woman who was there with her four children also wants a refund.

Rebecca Claire said: “It was absolutely ridiculous.

"Not all the cars could get round. It took them an hour to get the cars off. We spent our night watching tractors. The tractors did more laps than anybody else. There were meant to be six races.

"They should have cancelled it if the monster trucks couldn’t run, even if it was a late announcement.

"I want a refund, I didn’t get what I paid for (£42 for a family ticket).”

Jonny Redman bought a family ticket. He added: “It was a disgrace.

"They told us half way though that the monster trucks wouldn’t be running, it was basically a tractor show.”

In a lengthy apology on Facebook, Startrax said: “We apologise unreservedly and regret the disappointment for very wet families. If we could rewind the clock we would.

"The decision (to go ahead) rests with me solely. My team, whom I trust, were confident in the forecast. The fact it didn’t play out the way I wanted it to will haunt me as a bad memory into retirement. This is a brand new track surface which we are still learning.

"It sadly all went wrong as the cars went out and struggled. We tried to move heaven and earth to get the trucks to a position where at least kids could get to see them, however working to strict safety guidance and policies, sadly that was not possible to do.

"Gates opened at 3pm but the majority arrived after 4.30pm not wishing to get wet! That saw some 5,000 people arrive in a short window and led to obvious difficulties.

"As we cannot process complaints and orders via emails, register your complaint via our shop. We will then speedily respond w/c November 16 and hopefully complete by the end of the week.

"We want to do our best to ameliorate everyone’s ‘wet night out’ and family disappointment.”

The event would appear to have sparked longer-term concerns about the state of Odsal’s shale track, with news breaking yesterday that Saturday’s ‘shootout finale’ of the F1 stock cars has been moved to Sheffield due to ‘track conditions’.