IT could be a wet Halloween for trick or treaters in Bradford this evening as more heavy rain is forecasted later today.

The MET Office's forecast for Bradford and the rest of Yorkshire included heavy rains which battered the district this morning.

The forecast was is brighter with blustery showers, heavy at times, for the afternoon, especially in the western part of Yorkshire. 

Tonight blustery showers, heavy at times, are predicted and they are expected to continue overnight.

Showers will generally more frequent in western parts of Yorkshire and somewhat drier in the east.

Some clear spells will develop and it is excpected to be a chilly night with temperatures to dropping 4 °C.

There are flood warnings in place around the country, but the Environment Agency has yet to issue any in Bradford or the surrouding district.

On Monday showers, heavy at times, will continue. Strong winds are expected, with gales possible on hills and coasts.

The outlook for Tuesday to Thursday is mostly dry with sunny spells Tuesday and lighter winds, and chance of a shower later.

On Wednesday and Thursday there could be showers with some brighter spells. Windy are again expected and temperatures will be feeling colder.