Yorkshire's best fish and chips around the Country have been revealed as the list of the UK's best are announced. 

At number one for Yorkshire is Auckley Friery based in the south of the county the chip shop is known for having a 'seriously good' reputation and are currently on the list of the Fry Top 50 shops in the UK. 

Following swiftly behind is Bizzie Lizzie's, with their two restaurants based in Skipton

Also on the list is Hillycroft Fisheries in Leeds, famous for serving the finest quality fish and cooking the chips in beef dripping: 'the traditional Yorkshire way'.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Sarsons helped create the list of the best chippy's. (Sarsons)Sarsons helped create the list of the best chippy's. (Sarsons)

What's on the best Fish and Chip menus?

Yorkshires' best chippy's serve a range of brilliant food, from the classic cod to 'proper' battered sausage. 

With another one of the list's top Croft Street Fisheries serving a range of fish including salt and pepper squid and a Yorkshire Fishcake. 

The top runner, Auckley Friery not only serves traditional fish and chip items. but also have popular chicken curry and handmade fishcakes. 

How is the list compiled?

The NFFF and Sarsons were careful in the choice of shops, making sure that all chosen are clean, have a good layout, treat staff well and the final product be of quality finish. 

With Yorkshire proving that across its wide area, it has some of the best fish and chips in the whole of the UK. 

Yorkshires top ten fish and chip shops

1. Auckley Friery: Doncaster

2. Barracuda Fisheries: Ossett 

3. Bizzie Lizze's, Swadford Street: Skipton

4. Bizzie Lizze's, High Street Car Park: Skipton

5. Croft Steet Fisheries: Leeds

6. Dougies Fish and Chips: Harrogate

7. Hillycroft Fisheries: Leeds

8. Kingfisher Fish and Chip Restaurant: Wakefield

9. Lindley Fish Bar: Huddersfield

10. Megachippy: Huddersfield