PLANS to turn an old, long-empty pub into apartments have been given the go ahead. 

The application, for the former Prospect of Bradford on Bolton Road, was submitted earlier this year. Now the plans have been approved, the three-storey building can be converted into eight two-bedroom apartments.

The development will include parking and a rear extension will also be built. Back in February, planning officers refused a plan for the pub which included the conversion of the basement of the Victorian pub into two, two-bed flats.

Bradford Council said while much of the scheme was acceptable, the basement flats would not provide a good living space for future residents and 

Concerns were raised that there would be a “claustrophobic atmosphere”. 

In assessing the latest application, submitted by Concorde 1 Ltd, a report said: “The site is located on the western side of Bolton Road, which is elevated above Canal Road.

There are a small number of residential properties to the northern boundary of the application site. The immediate surrounding is predominantly undeveloped. The building on the application site is a three-storey detached building constructed in stone with a tile roof. The property was previously in use as a public house.”

It added: “The proposed use would follow that approved in 2016 for the conversion of the building to flats. This proposal is for the conversion of a former public house, three-storey, with construction of rear extension and front dormer to create eight two-bedroom apartments.

"The proposed re-use of the vacant pub on a principal highways route is welcomed, improving the appearance of the building and this part of Bolton Road.The proposed extension would be positioned centrally, on the rear elevation, six metres in depth and five metres in width, it would house a lift and stairwell. 

“The extension would be four stories in height, matching the ridge of the existing building. When considered against the host building, the proposed extension is considered an appropriate scale. Whilst of a contemporary design, the extension would complement the host property and is considered appropriate in its context.”

One objector to the plan raised concern that the property could become “huge and imposing”. 

They said: “I am very concerned about windows looking over our rear gardens from above, we would not have the privacy to enjoy our gardens, also it is unclear if the properties will have balconies which I would absolutely object to.

"I’m concerned about parking. It’s possible there could be a minimum of 10 vehicles, but we really do not want cars pulling out into traffic from the car park, or multiple vehicles blocking our vision when we are parking/leaving our properties.”

But, planning chiefs said: “The proposed development is considered to be acceptable in terms of visual and residential amenity and does not raise any concerns in terms of drainage or highway safety.”