RESIDENTS and business owners in part of the district have had enough of seeing rats appear on their doorsteps daily.

The parade at the bottom of Crag Road in Shipley is home to half a dozen shops and, as the pictures show, vermin.

One owner feels it is damaging every business along there so much so that they are unable to leave their doors open during the day.

Amanda Jameson, of Athena Hair and Salon, which has been on the parade for the last 15 years, says this has been an issue for ages.

She said: “It has existed for at least a couple of years. They (the rats) are living in the walls and underneath the shops.

"We haven’t had them in the shop but when you stand in the doorway they are just running up and down the path in front of you. I don’t want to open my shop door. It is effecting everybody’s business.

"We are all suppose to have ventilation for Covid, the only way to do that is to have our doors open. It is a massive problem.”

Another business owner on the row agreed that this was the case and desperately wants the council to intervene.

They added: “I can’t leave the door open because they (the rats) are not scared of us. They used to be scared of people. Now they don’t care.

"The last two years I have been complaining to Incommunities but they say it is the council’s job. The council said to me they will deal with it, in July, nothing has been done since.”

It is understood the vermin could be coming from a number of sources. Overgrown bushes, a sewage issue and a crumbling nearby building have all been suggested.

A resident, who lives nearby with his elderly parents and has contacted the council four times, says they can’t even go out in their own garden in fear of bumping into a rat.

The anonymous resident said: “I have seen rats several times in my garden. A cat killed one last week at the bottom. On Tuesday as soon as I opened my door there was a rat there.

“My elderly parents are scared to go out in their own garden because there is a rat problem. We’re living in a pandemic, the last thing we want to do is catch diseases off the rats.

“The rats can also cause severe damage to your property too, chewing on wiring which could cause a fire for example.

"The council are just putting the blame on people dropping food. I’ m not denying that might be the case but where it is their responsibility the sewers, the derelict building and the shrubs they need to take action.”

Windhill and Wrose Ward Councillor Vanda Greenwood said: “We went round businesses a few weeks ago and identified areas that needed cleaning up, this was one of them. All those bushes are going to be cut down.

“We don’t know where the rats are coming from. Yorkshire Water are going to deal with the sewers. We are tackling it the best we can.”

A Bradford Council spokesperson told the T&A: “The issue will be investigated by the Environmental Enforcement Team and appropriate action will be taken to resolve the rodent problem.”

A spokesperson from Yorkshire Water said: “We have a team going out to inspect the sewer on Crag Lane and help alleviate the issue where they can.”

Incommunities declined to comment.

Incredibly, this is the third time in the space of 12 days that the Telegraph & Argus have had to report on rats being an issue in different areas of Bradford. Eldon Place and Horton Park were the other two.

If you feel like this is a problem where you live/work, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with