THE University of Bradford's bar managers have ordered drink lids and testing kits in response to rising concerns about "spiking".

Police forces across the country have been urged to assess the scale of drink spiking at nightclubs and parties amid a rise in reports and claims some people have been drugged by injection.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has asked forces for an update after some said they had seen more spiking incidents in recent months.

Police chiefs have also been tasked by the Commons Home Affairs Committee to urgently provide more information on their assessment of the scale of the problem after reports of incidents in several parts of the country, including Nottingham, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

One of those reports was from Zara Owen, 19, from Surrey, who is a student at the University of Nottingham.

She told BBC Breakfast yesterday that she believed she was spiked with an injection during a night out with her friends, blacking out soon after arriving at a venue.

Nottinghamshire Police revealed this morning that there have been 12 reports of people being spiked with "something sharp" since October 2.

Across the country, organisations and groups are taking a stand and The University of Bradford has acted swiftly.

The institution's bar managers - who look after the Amp (Ampitheatre), Sports Bar and Escape Bar - have ordered drink lids and testing kits and a series of events are being planned to raise awareness of the issue.

Anyone who feels a drink tastes unusual can ask for it to be tested.

Allison Thickett, hospitality and retail manager, added: “We are also liaising with our security team about a possible review of ID checks, and ensuring the bar facilities are for University of Bradford students only.”

These new initiatives build on the schemes the university already operates to safeguard students.

They include the Ask for Angela initiative, which enables anyone who feels they are being sexually harassed to use a codeword to indicate to staff they need help.

First aiders are also on site.

It comes as The University of Bradford was given the "Best Bar None" award for the fourth year in a row.

The award recognises the fact the university's bars have policies in place designed to reduce crime, promote safety and responsible drinking, and improve knowledge and skills.

Stephanie Sexton, facilities service manager, said: “Winning the award for the fourth year running means a great deal to us, it’s a reflection on the effort we put in in terms of keeping students safe and the dedication of our staff.

“Best Bar None is all about creating a climate in which people feel comfortable and where staff know what to do if someone does need help.

“We’re always working to improve our service, for example by responding quickly to concerns around spiking by ordering drink lids and testing kits.”

The Best Bar None accreditation scheme is supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry.

It aims to raise standards in the evening and night time economy, through a combination of responsible management and operation of licenced premises, ongoing improvements and social responsibility.

Best Bar None’s goal is to help provide a safer night out for all.