SIR - Your report (T&A letters, October 19), is headed 'Seven areas with worst Covid rates'. In detail, the Bradford areas mentioned are Burley-in-Wharfedale; Ben Rhydding; Menston and Burley Moor; Crossflattts and Eldwick; and Cottingley, Harden and Wilsden.

This report, and, especially, the headline, illustrate the absurdity of the methods employed (by Government and local authorities) in measuring Covid rates, something I have believed now since the first lockdown.

Anybody who believes these areas really have the worst rates of infection in Bradford is living in a fantasy land. What the figures ACTUALLY tell us is that people in these very affluent areas are far more likely to get themselves tested, than are people in less favoured areas. Surely your reporters have a duty to 'dig deeper'?

A Michael Murphy, Shay Lane, Heaton