Narinder Sekhon, a barister and brother of CEO Iqbal Singh Sekhon, also known as Simmy Sekhon, expresses the importance of education. Recounting the impact that access to quality education had on his life, Narinder is now a qualified and highly successful legal defence lawyer. He undertakes a mixture of criminal matters with both prosecution and defence clients. He utilises his knowledge and experience with forensic accounts, analysis of technology evidence and DNA evidence analysis which has resulted in a successful career in the legal field much like his brother, a commercial property solicitor, Iqbal Singh Sekhon (also known as Simmy Sekhon). Passionate about education and family being the key to this success, Narinder speaks on the importance of these below:

"It enables us to express clear and relevant views efficiently. Educated individuals can explain their opinions in a clear and precise manner which is highly important when convincing others of one's point of view. Education often results in a good life providing security and comfort to us and our families."

Simmy Sekhon agrees, adding: "our parents understood the value of education themselves, as they had limited opportunities in India. Our parents had other priorities farming on their respective farms in the Punjab. When they came to England, my mother Harmesh Kaur studied for a few years at high school and, with even a basic education, could operate the family's textile business. Basic maths and English is essential." Simmy Sekhon also recites his late grandfather, Mr Beant Singh, who said "England is a land of opportunity and education where the likes of Jinnah and Nehru studied who became President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and India respectfully. Grab education with both hands and never look back." 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Sam Sher Sekhon prepares for his A LevelsSam Sher Sekhon prepares for his A Levels

Narinder says "It's a tool to improve one’s life. Education is essential to enhance intellect and personality; and it is my belief that education begins at home. It is a lifelong process that never ends with a desire to learn something new everyday and determines the quality of one’s later life. Education has played an important role in my career as a practicing barrister working out of Leeds chambers. It has helped improve and develop my character and the qualities I carry both professionally and socially. 

"I have two boys; one preparing for his A levels the other his GCSE's. I often reminded them that the opportunity to educate is a privilege. It's a gift many around the world will never see but would give anything in which to receive. Education lessens the challenges you will face in life. The more knowledge you gain the more opportunities will open up to allow better possibilities in career and personal growth."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Shaan Sekhon achieving the best at school.Shaan Sekhon achieving the best at school.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” once said by a wise man named Nelson Mandela."