PLANS for a new takeaway in a former bank building near Bradford Royal Infirmary have been met with outrage by local residents.

People living near the site in Duckworth Lane said the area is already hit hard by problems with rats and litter, bad parking and heavy traffic, and there are already a large number of similar businesses in the area.

The application, to open a takeaway in the former Barclays bank which has been closed for more than four years, says it would protect the “special character” of the building and be a “seamless continuation of the existing street scene” in Duckworth Lane.

However, there have been a large number of complaints and objections by people living in the area against the plans, submitted in late September.

In the application, it states it will “wholly maintain the character” of the existing building to “preserve its appearance” and “improve its quality”.

The plans add: “It is strongly felt the proposed takeaway use with seating would be a seamless continuation of the existing street scene as mixed uses including takeaways currently exists on Duckworth Lane, therefore contributing to the economy of the area.

“The proposed takeaway will ensure during business hours that waste will be reduced and recycled wherever possible.

“The new owners see good potential in the site and are looking to open up new vacancies and look to employing staff from the local and wider area; thus, bringing about direct community benefits.

“We trust the proposal will be deemed as exciting and stimulating for the local and wider community.”

However, all comments on the plans disagree, with 20 objections submitted by residents.

Safyana Younas said: “We have had an influx of rats and mice over the past 10 years and opening another eatery where there are so many already is just going to make it worse.

“There is no justification whatsoever for this to be happening, and it will make the traffic around the area worse too.

“There is no need for another restaurant/ takeaway to be opened in Bradford never mind Duckworth Lane.”

Usman Ali said: “We have many takeaways already on this same road, adding another on the list will just cause more traffic and illegal parking which us residents have to deal with on a daily basis.

"Residents are fed up of the usual activities of rubbish being left in our street; our children are scared of the mice running around caused by the many takeaways we have.”

Hamza Qureshi added: “I live in the back street, the street is infested with rats due to the other takeaways already a couple of doors away.

“We have numerous numerous takeaways on Duckworth Lane already, please we don’t need any others.”

Tahira Hussain added: “The area is no worse than living in the slum because of the issue with rat infestation, littering, noise pollution, foul smell and traffic concerns.

“By granting permission for another takeaway will just make matters worse. We should be encouraging a range of retail shops not a row of takeaways.”

Others raised further issues about the impact on traffic and inconsiderate parking, and also referenced Bradford’s obesity crisis, particularly among children.

Faum Architecture, the application's agent, was approached for comment regarding these concerns but did not respond.

Bradford Council is considering the application, and public consultation closes on October 15.