ST George’s Hall has seen a lot of things over the years, but I’m not sure anything quite like the homecoming of Bad Boy Chiller Crew on Tuesday night.

The hometown heroes stopped off in Bradford for a sold-out show during their Autumn tour, with a packed out audience all there to welcome the group back to the city.

The night wasn’t just about the music, it was a celebration of how far the three lads - Gareth Kelly, Kane and Clive - who make up Bad Boy Chiller Crew have come in the past two years.

They’ve gone from video skits on social media to genuine recording artists, attracting big crowds at festivals, their own ITV2 documentary filmed during the show, and the sold out tour they’re currently in the middle of.

And the boys were keen to celebrate everyone who’s helped them get to where they are, joined on stage for large chunks of the show by family and close friends who’ve had their back and supported them in realising their dreams.

They didn’t forget the audience too, the Bradford crowd who have backed them from the beginning, showing how close they still are to their roots in the city.

As the crowds filed in, filling the stalls and every floor of seating in the historic venue, the tour’s DJ Tactics was busy getting the crowd going with a mix of classic dance and bassline tunes, before warm-up act, local rapper MC Scorpz, came out to get the crowd even more pumped up ahead of the main event.

The crowd erupted when Bad Boy Chiller Crew entered the fray, with the venue awash with phones recording every second and sharing it on social media, the crowd the envy of their friends who didn’t manage to grab a ticket.

The group’s best known songs ratcheted up the atmosphere another notch throughout the set, with tunes such as Hideout and Guns Up going down a storm with the crowd, trying their best to keep up with frontman Kane’s slick 100 miles per hour lyrics while Clive and Gareth kept the crowd on their toes.

Clive’s cries of “Bradford are you with me are you there” kept the volume permanently at an eardrum-bursting level before the boys hit their straps with a closing run of their biggest tunes.

Free, 450, summer banger Don’t You Worry About Me and new single Bikes N Scoobys were the group in their element with a crowd lapping up every line and bringing the show to a triumphant climax.

For three lads from humble backgrounds who’ve gone on to live their dreams, the St George’s Hall show was them coming full circle, and we enjoyed every minute of it.